About the Project

About the Project

Target and Objectives of PHOTOKIPIA Project

  • Development and Optimization of R2R Printed Transparent Electrodes (optical transparency> 90%,surface resistance <12 Ohm / cm2, thermal stability ≥300 ° C)
  • Optimization of R2R Printing Processes for manufacturing large scale S-OPVs and Optical Engineering of nanolayers (6-7% Efficiency, optical transparency ≤30%, power ~ 40W / m2, weight <0.5Kg , life time 8years)
  • Development of a wireless monitoring system of MG and recording parameters of S-OPV panels
  • Integration of H-OPV panels to MG and evaluation of their performance and impact on cultivation

Implementation Plan

The PHOTOKIPIA is based on the industrial research aiming to develop R2R Semi-Transparent OPV panels for the harvesting exploitation by their integration on MG rooftops. The generated electricity from S-OPVs will be collected in accumulators for covering the energy needs of the MG and providing constant power to a wireless monitoring system (ASETHI) of MG that will be deployed within the project for recording in real-time the performance and efficiency of the S-OPV panels, the microclimate and cultivation of the MG and wirelessly transfer the data through telecommunication network.
The PHOTOKIPIA Project, with the pioneering combination of energy production with Agricultural cultivation through the creation of “Energy Efficient Greenhouse”, has great prospects in the Rural and National Economy since solving energy issues for remote Greenhouses or not by enhancing the ecological sustainability and competitiveness of Greek and International Greenhouse cultivations.


Co – financed by the European Union and Greek national funds through the Operational Programme “Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation”, under the call “RESEARCH-CREATE-INNOVATE” (project code: Τ1ΕΔΚ-01701)